Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Dentist today -she was a trooper.

8.15a    - Writing a paragraph about dreams, used a dictionary for several of the words.
9.15    - art: Ultimate Dragon drawing

9.30    - break

10.45a    - reading magazines : Boy's Life (dentist's office, there were some cool ones about Space)
11.30    - break
//dentistry!  She needs three more visits before the end of the year to be caught up.

12.45    - library
1.15    - break

2:30  - reading about the creation of shampoo, things used before shampoo
2.45p    - Documentary: America: The Story of Us ep 1
3.30    - break
3:45    - Khan Math - 100% on K-2, begin 3rd grade mission!
4:15    - done

// We watched the Indian in the Cupboard, and talked about music vocal types as elements of music scale.  (bass, baritone, tenor, alto, soprano).  We were playing on the electronic keyboard.  We read some more George (the black holes part) just before bed. 

She wanted me to move her baby doll bed she got for Christmas to a place there weren't any spiders - because she was scared she had seen a spider next to it.  A big wolf spider came out and shook a fist at me as I moved the little table it was on across the room.  She was much happier and tucked Sally and Sarah into their bed.  She says they are so amazing dolls, especially Sally, because her eyes open and shut.

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