Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday end of week 7 already?

7a    - typing Cats report on word processor
---and she learned to spell a few words better!
7:40     - 400 years of the Telescope docu + discussion about spectroscopy and listening for patterns in signals from space.  She related some of what we had learned in the Hawking book (George and the Secret Key to the Universe) to what we were listening to on the docu.  I stopped several times to go over what had just been said.
9a    - break

10.15a    - school of dragons
11a    - industrial puppy washing
--Mark set up an 'assembly line' between the two of them to wash the seven puppies in one continuous stream.
11.45a    - break

1p    - planning: puppy excusion
---writing a list, forethought, planning, packing
1.30p    - break

3p    - reading Dinosaurs book
---She showed me Iberomesornis when I got home and told me all about what made it cool.
4p    - done

I could use a break now!  But I still have to work the weekend before I get one.  We have another documentary coming next week about cold blooded creatures, and one about dinosaurs possibly living in the Arctic.  We have some more George to read tonight, cool stuff happening in this chapter!

On the way to work this morning Mark and I discussed how we are laying down a broad base of knowledge for her to draw on in coming years- knowledge that most kids don't even start being introduced to until they are in junior high (in this area).  She really wants to learn more about genetics...I found a cool article the other day that discussed how important it is to get the rock-bottom fundamental ideas of genetics, DNA and chemistry down at an early age, so kids will understand, even at the most basic level, the importance of what is being discovered in their lifetime.  It really struck a chord with me.. ideas build on ideas.  Building the foundation of science in the mind over the broad spectrum means she will have lots and lots of places to build connections - and maybe really help her get a good idea of what she wants to study for herself.

//going to go sit on the bed with my washcloth knitting and a cup of coffee.  Esme really wants to play LAN Minecraft with me and make things she has been talking about here and there...we'll see.

 Pictures I forgot to post from our volcano project the other day:

Measuring the ingredients
Pouring in the fuel (vinegar, food coloring and soap)

Putting in the baking soda


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