Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday homeschool

7.30a    - Report: How did the Earth get Water?
---We had quite a lot of resources from our academic group, a video and an article from a Unviersity to go through.  She then wrote a paragraph about what she had learned -and I helped her add specific details to expand it into three short paragraphs to print out.
8.30a    - reading "Pumply Dumpily Pumpkin"
9a    - School of Dragons
9.30    - break

10.30    - dragon city
11.30    - break

12.45    - PE (ball headstands & balancing, 40x 10lb overhead lifts,
      50x reverse sit ups, 5 push ups, 100x jumping jacks)

1.15    - reading "Leo's Tree" ("Leo and the tree were growing and
      growing at the same time")
    - reading "Strangers in the Forest"
1.30    - making pork spice (math, weights and measures)
2p     - done

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