Thursday, September 24, 2015

Slow Thursday

I had today off and no big plans -- so we took it slower.  It's nice to do that once in a while.

8a    - Reading: "One Penny, One Pizza"
8.30a    - kahn math
//Went from 80% to 85%, on the K-2 set and practiced a few of the skills she had not touched yet. 
9a    - video: life in cold blood
//Documentary about how reptiles and amphibians live with 'cold-blooded' systems, and the vast array of them over the planet. This was episode 1, with David Attenborough.  We had a little discussion on this several times over the day.
10a    - break

11.30    - Masie's store: stock counting exercise
//I spent the break time setting up for this - making an inventory and pricing lists that 'Masie' had given us before she went on her trip, and pulling out the canned food from the cupboards to use in the game.  I also prepared an 'Internet Order' she would need to pack and packing supplies, complete with addresses to copy.  She sorted the tables into orderly rows of cans and marked prices on post-it notes from the pricing list.  We counted each item onto a spreadsheet paper using tally marks, then compared our 'cycle count' against Masie's list.  We marked down which quantities were off and by how much positive or negative.  We packed, checked and 'shipped' the order to our plastic elephant, who unpacked it and checked it against his order.  We made a fake call to 'Masie' and discussed our inventory report and also asked about ordering some of the things we were short on the list. // Another day we will do making change for customers coming into the store and stock orders coming in as well.
12.30p    - break

We went to town and bought some real supplies - planning on making a pizza and watching Walking with Dinosaurs for the rest of school today.  She has looked up and read a lot about her Goat Simluator game today, too...but I haven't 'counted' that as school.  Mark bought her a five dollar tablet version, and now she is quite obsessed with this game again.

4p : Video: Walking with Dinosaurs; Allosaurus (2 episodes, 'Ballad of Big Al' and making of special)
5p - done

Good quote today:  Those hay bales are not horse eggs, Daddy.  If they were horse eggs they would be smaller than the horse they came out of. //hmmm...

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