Tuesday, September 29, 2015


9.45a    - cardboard dinosaur cont'd

----PVC pipe dinosaur, will be covered with cardboard boxes and painted.  Yesterday she helped measure, cut and find the pieces.  Today we added a tail and Daddy helped us use the tools to drill pieces for caster wheels.  We tied all the square pieces together with string using a pipe cleaner to thread the string through.

11a    - Kahn math- we got to 95% K-2
--There was a point she thought it would be silly and cute to answer a question wrong because she was having a fit...not sure what started it... she didn't like the problem.  It backfired on her, she got five more of that kind of problem the program served her up to reaffirm she knew how to do it.  She had another short fit about that and I explained this was exactly why I had warned her against answering '8777' instead of 87 on that problem (and she had clicked through anyway)... She straightened up a bit and was much better attitude after that lesson.

11.30    - how to play chess, pieces, moves and setup, half of a game
12    - documentary: Popped Secret; the Origins of Corn
12.30p    - break

2p    - minecraft
3.30    - break

5p    - Tree trimming; use of wood saw.
    - Discussion of earthmoving
5.30p    - break

8p    - kitten gender and inventory
8.15    - done

Tomorrow we are going to the dentist.  She is a little scared, naturally...

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