Monday, September 28, 2015


8a    - discussion about Mars, the Moon, and atmosphere
8:20    - Spelling and dictionary work, identify which of four words is misspelled, and if necessary, find it in the dictionary to spell it correctly.  Lots of cool stuff in our dictionary, there were several minutes talking about the instrumental organization of an orchestra as she looked at the map in the book.
8:40    - Khan Math : reached 90% and has now practiced every skill in K-2 at least once
--She's not far at all from completing this she began last year...and then we will be on to third grade math.
9:30    - break

10a    - outside, walk & frisbee
10.30a    - reading: Rocks & Minerals book
        - NASA Mars discussion of news article
11a     - cardboard construction
--We are building a pvc pipe and cardboard box dinosaur
12p    - cooking: scrambled egg
--Daddy got her the pan from the high shelf, then helped her crack the eggs. She cooked it, served it for herself, ate it, and then washed the pan.
12.30p    - done

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