Monday, September 21, 2015

Focus Monday

I had been on at work for eight days straight last we decided to do a focus day today.

8a    - shoe tying refresher course
8.30    - break

We went to the library, exchanged our huge load of books for just a few, and then grabbed breakfast and came home.

11a    - reading aloud: "How to Train Your Dragon"
--trying to have her focus, read at a constant rate, try the big words and not fuss about having to read every page through multiple chapters. She started out in a bad mood and I gave her a '76' for reading participation and effort.
2p    - break

2.30    - archeology - digging in the yard, collecting shell-imprint chert in her bottle.
3p    - reading - she earned an 88 on this one, and tried a lot more big words.  Her discussions were on topic and not just for the purpose of stalling time.  We made it through the end of Chapter four.
4.15    - Kitchen Chemistry: whipping cream
--served on ice cream :)

She wants to go ride bikes afterwards - we did, but my chain broke on the second time around.
//She watched me doing algebra just before bed and I explained a little of it to her - she has the capability... she just needs to learn her multiplication and her subtraction a little more concretely...  When I told her that and showed her simple algebraic problems she was able to see how they applied.  She had the hardest time with 7x=7 and 4n=2...but I showed her how that worked out 'in squares' as she had asked, and she got it. 
//While reading George at night she made comments that you would be a skeleton waiting for an important phone call for three years (light year distances, sound and light travel faster than we do and it still takes that long for a  signal to travel from there)...and depending on how important the phone call you might wait that long and forget to eat or drink while waiting *heh*.  Also, if our bodies had no water (we discussed the 75% rule and where the water was) we would be a lump of coal in space.  She wanted to know if Earth was what was left from alien civilizations that lost their water, died and then was recollected back into Earth to start life again (we are on that chapter where the origins of life and chemistry amino acids is discussed)...  interesting questions.

//I finished reading the All-of-a-Kind family series.  Moved on to Apprentices (book 2) by Maile Meloy, and then found Apothecary (book 1) at the library. 

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