Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Wednesday is slow cooked

We went slower today, since I had the day off.  She has already done her report for the week, so no pressure now.  We still have a writing prompt, Social Studies and Spanish to get in for the week...did the Social Studies, spent some time on English.  She did the math very well both times...we're edging up to two and three digit addition and subtraction again, then onto the next step.  We also cooked, which was really 'the main event' of the day, although I saved it for last.


 cherry marshmallow pie in a graham cracker crust (which  she helped with) and enchiladas (she cut cheese and filled soaked tortillas while I folded and placed in the pan)

 The final layer on top

8:20 - reading aloud: "If I Were the President"
8:45 - worksheets: suffixes (3)
9:15 - prefix and suffix games online
9:30 - math worksheet and handwriting practice
9:45 - clothes washing
10 -   break
10:15 - Reading "Sammy the Seal"
10:30 - break

11 - review Nova: "America's Stone Age Explorers"
//She was calling out the discoveries to me before they told them since she saw it earlier in the week with Daddy.  She said she had 'too many memories' to tell me exactly what happened until she saw the things that made her remember.

12 - break
1p - Reading aloud: 'Pete's Chicken"
1:10p - People Together Social Studies: Natural Resources
1:25p - 30 problems missing # in subtraction equations
1:30p - Potion Maker app
2:30p - Recipes: enchiladas and cherry marshmallow pie
3:30p - done

We've eaten some enchiladas, and put some away for tomorrow.  We are heading outside now for a while... then come back in and cut the pie and try some.  It is our science experiment - epidermis (Graham crackers), dermis (cherry pie filling) and subcutaneous layer (marshmallows).

We have library again tomorrow, too... we went on Friday and have read all of our books again (except for the Grimms...getting to the end of the first book now!)

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