Wednesday, September 09, 2015


6.30a    - School of Dragons
8.15a    - outside, puppy training with rope toy, rock hunting
8.45a    - math worksheets
9.15    - G&T reading and writing workbook
9.30    - G&T number riddles
10.45    - break

Esme's rock collection keeps growing 
We got word back on our two rocks from the geology forum - the red and white rock is breccia, maybe brecciated jasper?  The black one is a smoky quartz.

5pm      - 'Encino Man' movie
----So what would happen if a caveman was here with us?  Fun and 'what if' as well.
6.30     - done

We have the volunteer project tomorrow - and Esme has to decide what to do for her report this week.

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