Friday, September 11, 2015

Catahoula Leopard Dogs at Shepard Lane Farm (KnitOwl)

By request, gratuitous puppy pictures.  And pictures of our adult pack at the bottom.
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  Hunter is spoken for, and will go to his family about 9/20/2015

 Chunks looks just like his Daddy, Spud.  See below in the adult pictures.

 Cutie has one black ear (see below) 

   Pearl on the left, Cutie on the right

 Lazy and Pearl are nearly twins, and sometimes seem to share the same brain.
Lazy has a longer line over one eyebrow and a larger black spot on her back.

 Turbo is a fat and happy puppy and enjoys cuddling up to an ankle.

 Freckles is excited about everything.

 Minnie looks a lot like her mom, Minerva, seen below.  She deeply wants to be someone's dog and is eager and observant.

 Nibbler is sweet. We are keeping him with the pack.

 Story time!
Despite best efforts, none have yet learned to read.

 Aunt Daphne with Columbus' sister from an earlier litter, Rosa.
She looked a lot like Turbo does now.

 Minerva, the pups mother.
 Columbus, a brother from Minerva's first litter.
 Columbus and Hunter
Spud, the pups' father.
Spud and his sister, Sweetie, when they were puppies.

Sweetie, grown up as an adult.

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