Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesay Wednesday

7.30a    - writing short story about a hole that goes to the past
---There was major friction here... we spent just the first half hour having a discussion about she really needs to do this even if she doesn't want to, and curbing attitude/discussing appropriate behavior to learn the things she will need to become an adult. (The birthday party last night was with a younger friend who does not use good attitude or proper manners and it is tough to get Esme to focus after being with her).  She used the dictionary and perked up, acting better and making good ideas after the attitude discussion.
8:30a   - English worksheet was/were
8:45    - Cereal break

9:00    - Human origins video and discussion
---We also discussed carbon 14 dating and isotopes in a general way, then the specific way that was shown in the video about dating fossils.  She asked many questions about the evolution of the foot.  She was very excited to see the Laetoli footprints, because we had studied that a few months ago when talking about volcanoes.
9:30    - Khan Math
----She moved from 71% to 80% on the K-2 math, concentrating on number lines and subtraction and addition mastery.
10a     - break

10:30   - Tornado game and math as art discussion
--We also looked at drawings by M.C. Escher.  I discussed math equations as being able to be graphed to make pictures (article about the new artist on CNN).  I also had her listen to a fugue by Bach, trying to explain that it was a 'math pattern in music'.  We need to touch that more in the future - but I wanted to start it out.
11a    - minecraft
--Building the thing from her short story.
11.30a    - game research (reading wikis); tornado game
1.30p    - done

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