Thursday, September 17, 2015


8:30a    - Reading book about Cats
9:00a     - writing one page report about Cats
9:30a     - Minecraft : New Horizons -- costume shop and horse stables
10:30a    - Evolution of Birds video
11    - school of dragons and 'Learning to Fly' game
11.30    - math worksheet - 3 digit numbers, rounding to tens then adding or subtracting with carrying and borrowing
12p    - break

12.15    - Helen of Troy (2nd hour)
---She discussed this with me when I got home from work, telling me what she learned about the Trojan War and what happened afterwards.
1.15p    - done

We have a telescope documentary '400 years of the telescope'... which should play in well with the George and the Secret Key to the Universe we are reading for bedtime material.

I finished Tale of Desperaux tonight on my own Kindle - very very sweet.  Started on more of the All-of-a-Kind family.

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