Thursday, September 03, 2015


7:00a - Prefixes and math worksheets (3)
--did another 'write number as words', double digit addition and subtraction without regrouping (all pretty easy for her).  There was another prefixes worksheet, which she found very hard.

8:00a - video: Inside the Human Body National Geographic
----She paid very close attention to the entire film.  This will fuel questions and answer sessions in the future - I am sure.
10:00a - Imagineering app
---She has been playing this on and off all day, but I counted a little bit of it.  It is a cool game with lots of options for making things.
10:15a - break
12:30  - library and town stores
---We got a dinosaur book and a skate and rays book among others. 
1:30   - break for lunch
3:30   - Spanish lesson: food / la comida
4p     - done

What's left for the week?  We have a writing prompt to do tomorrow, and some more math.  I have a news article site for kids I'd like her to read an article from.  We've covered a lot this week.

We are close to finishing the first Grimms sisters book.  I'm halfway through the fourth one on my own.

We watched 'To Kill a Mockingbird' over dinner tonight.  And I made her pay close attention to the court scene so she didn't miss the meaning.  Not sure if she got exactly what the message was - but she knew that the man wasn't able to do what they said he did with his hands -and that they still decided against him. She understood the meaning of 'to kill a mockingbird' at the end and how it related to the man who saved the children's lives.  We'll watch it again in a few years -and she might get more.

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