Wednesday, September 16, 2015


7a    - School of Dragons quests and skills
8a     - Math worksheet - fair estimates
9a     - reading: If I was a Ballerina (outside)

9:15a     - Video: The Origin of Tetrapods (HHMI)
-----She really liked this!  We have another episode for tomorrow
10a     - reading and discussion: erosion, wind, water, ice
10:30a     - Video: Helen of Troy (first half)
----A little above her head, but she was getting some of the key parts.  Her comment before watching it was 'I know all about Helen of Troy (from Ducktales)..wait, what do you mean she was REAL?  This show is about a REAL lady?...okay, let's watch a little bit, just a little bit.'

11a     - Minecraft on Tablet
12a     - done

//She wants to go back to New Horizons Minecraft world tomorrow - it has been a while since we were there.

I am feeling a little runabout this week... there are so many things we don't have time to do but we are getting the necessary stuff done.  It just feels incomplete, though, and like there are things stacking up that we can't even look at yet, stuff that has to be acknowledged but we don't get to see how big the monster grows until we are over the hill of the 'week with no time.'  It is a depressing idea - but it is what it day off is next Monday.  I also keep adding to the books I want to buy for Esme to have for later...even though she isn't ready to read them all. I'm ready to read them!

Book List:
Blue Willow - Doris Gates
Tale of Desperaux
Green Kingdom Childcraft book
Trundle's Quest (Six Crowns series)

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