Friday, September 04, 2015

Friday week 5

Where is all the time going?  Wasn't it Friday just a few days ago?
We started early this morning.. she had grabbed the Imagineering app and was doing actual hard thinking work on it as soon as she came up the stairs and before she was fully awake.

7:00    - Imagineering app
7:45     - Geography (Africa) and writing worksheets (3)
---Her handwriting is getting a little smaller.  She is trying to work on some things I've asked her to - the dark line on her 'a' and the way she makes a 'y'.  On the handwriting worksheet (not shown) she was trying hard to write small and pay attention to punctuation.  On the freewriting, she asked for help spelling with the hard words - but she wanted to use the hard words which is a big point towards making interesting writing.

8:15     - break

8:30     - Smithsonion TTJ News Article: FOPO and Quiz

----This had a lot of hard words in it for her, but she stayed with it and got the three quiz questions correct.  Then we looked up what calamansi was, and saw where on the map it was grown

9:00     - puppet theatre additions
9:15     - Imagineering
9.30    - break

11a    - tests: spelling, capitalization & punctuation
11.30    - Reading: Pedro and the Coyote
12p    - dragon city
12.30    - Imagineers
1.30p    - done
Her drawing from today  - a dog and his reflection in a lake by moonlight

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