Tuesday, September 08, 2015


7:00 - jumping jacks
7:05 - math worksheets, multiplication to 3s, addition word problems
7:30 - School of Dragons
8:15 - codebreakers
8:30 - School of Dragons
9:00 - Geology lesson: Igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary
----Eyewitness kids book

We looked at two of our rocks and tried to figure out what they were.
We posted on a geology forum to see what we might hear back on our guesses.

10:00 - writing prompt : Tell me about something beautiful.
---Emeralds are beautiful.  Diamonds are beautiful, too.  They both are rare and sparkly.
10:30 - ecocystem and ice cream box alterations (she put the two together)
11 - town trip break, stopped by library and exchanged two books, grocery shopping
1:30 - Reading : skates and rays book + video
2pm - done

We also put an avocado pit over a jar, to see if it would work.
She has this question I am trying to find out the best answer for - How did the oceans form over the tectonic plates?  Where did they come from?  We discussed she has several choices for her report this week - write about the rays or learn more about her question about oceans.  I think the oceans question would be a great one, but not necessarily one she has to do this week.  She has the skates and rays book until the 11th unless we renew it.

Note //I've officially decided we are ready to move onto multiplication - while still running back and forth over carrying and borrowing for reinforcement.  Esme was doing well with her 'rabbit holes' method of counting up stacks of dots this morning in the margin of her paper, and then I said it was really just doubles and triples up to 'times ten' for the entire paper... if she learned all the doubles and triples it would be easy.  She's working on it.  She had the commutative property down already - of _course_ 9x3 is the same as 3x9, Mom.  You do know that, right? *said while we were walking back from fishing tonight* 

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