Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday science review

9a    - Science Review and discussion, GIMP practice (graphic editor)
-----------She looked at the page of topics we had discussed in the past few weeks and said we never talked about several of these words. I expected that - and went over each one again connecting the visual word to the discussion.  We reviewed the igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary as well as  volcanic activity, core, mantle, crust and started to talk about erosion.  We discussed monotreme / marsupial and placental mammals again, and touched on what evolution means again.  I drew some pictures in Gimp editor to give her visual examples.

She saw a graphic on my computer of all of the different eras of the fossil record, so she asked lots of questions about those.  She said she wanted to do that project - where we locate on the timeline where different animals first appeared and cut and paste them.  She really wants to talk about human evolution, how the 'first animal ever' came to be and also why some animals (like the nautilus in the graphic) have not changed, and why some do. I have a video series to start on this in the next few days.

10a     - Armadillo Cowboy book
10:15a     - Math worksheets - hard for her - she had to decide what place to round to, round the numbers and then add for an estimation of the sum.  She argued a lot and I had to help a lot.  We have the other half of that to do tomorrow.  pg.78 of Progress in Mathematics

She said she might write her report this week on how smart cats are and what they can learn.  Hmmm...

11:00a     - volcano eruption project
------------great fun :)
11:30a     - Reading: Eric Carle library book
           - Listening: Six Crowns : Fair Wind to Widdershins chapter one
12:00a     - tablet Minecraft & Toca Nature
3.30    - done

//read more George and the Secret Key to the Universe before bed.  Some big eyes as we discussed high and low temperatures in space.

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