Monday, August 31, 2015


 library book rack on the wall near the door.

I put this up on Sunday to get the library books out, visible for reading yet still somewhere 'defined'.  It seemed we either stacked them on top of the printer or threw them in the bag and fished through them all week etc etc... 

This was originally an 'indoor greenhouse' pocket hanger.  I slit the bottom pocket's stitching and restitched it with the sewing machine a few inches over to accommodate the larger books.  It would be ideal if that pocket was just a little deeper...but this was ready to hand and something like it online to order was expensive when I looked!  I definitely count it as a win because Esme immediately took one book to the bed and read through it laughing at all the funny parts - put it back - and chose the book to read again today.

7a    - Jumping jacks

7.15    - Lions and Tigers research and report
---We did the first draft and colored in the range map from looking at the maps in the articles.  I want her to add more information later this week, review the 'readability' of it and think about organization of it this week - so she can type it into a book format like her chicken report.  We touched on a lot more interesting information than she wrote down today - she was just so unhappy about writing it out.

//Discussion during this she was be-woed that there were so few tigers left in the world.  She said their number was just not enough...and was upset about the different subspecies of tigers that had already gone extinct.  She talked about reasons tigers were killed in the wild - and why people and tigers just didn't get along..  She also didn't like that I had to leave for work in a few hours - she didn't think it was nice to have to go to work every day when you're an adult.  So, I explained again what we get from my working for our family, and that it is important to pick a type of work you aren't really upset about having to go do - hopefully something you like a little.  She said Quote: 'So, what if I'm single?  Do I have to work then?'  Err.. yes.  If you want food, clothes, a car and a place to live.. yes.  **We're in such deep water with this brain of hers and have been since the start!**

8:15    - school of dragons
9.15    - break

10a    - reading aloud: "The Hippo-NOT-amus"
    - running laps / etc
10.45a    - break

11.15    - Nova: "America's Stone Age Explorers"
//She spent several hours out in the yard trying to create spearheads out of stones and searching for leaves to make some sort of habitat?  It is 7 pm and she is still out there trying to make and/or find stone tools.
12.15    - done

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