Thursday, August 20, 2015


We made our plan yesterday to get these things done, and we were able to do it!

8:30  - math test subtraction facts
8:45  - reading : 'It Could Happen' online book + discussion
--All of the colors of the world disappear and turn violet, then yellow, then pink..then blue?  How do people react?  What does the Blue Jay mean that he doesn't change at all?

9:15  - North America map coloring
      - continents discussion at map
      - reading 50 state names again

9:30 - Spanish level 3 - accomplished
--next time we need to practice all that we have learned.

10:30 - Minecraft Ice World
--we built another rollercoaster and park

11:30 - Science discussion : skin on
11:45 - break
12:30 - Hidden Kingdom : Under Open Skies
1:30 -  done

 The clay penguin game we made the other day (Mom painted it while she painted the clay snake below). The bowls are for the captured snowballs

Her snake habitat with a green meadow and a blue river

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