Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday week 4

7.15    - math; addition pg 69. Progress in Mathematics
---She had to copy (writing) the problems out on another page of paper and write the answers.  We spent almost half this time talking about the 'Critical Thinking' part where it compared baseball scores and innings.

8:15    - School of Dragons
---showing me what she had learned yesterday and talking about what she still needed to  do

9:15    - break - Get ready for library

10a    - library - she played with the instrument program while I picked out half of her books, then she picked out the other half.
11a    - park play with kids, P.E.
12p    - break

1.15p    - Reading / Social Studies: Geography/Geology and Land forms in People Together book
---canyons, rivers, volcanoes, lakes, oceans, islands, peninsulas, plains, hills and mountains
---We looked through the Natural Wonders of the World book and identified some things.
1.30    - Spanish practice lessons
2p - done

We watched part of the Inside Planet Earth geology video tonight at dinner.
It answered some of her questions about volcanoes, earthquakes and more.
She's outside playing mountain climber now.

So, this week we have done math and numeracy, writing (report, and prompt), lots and lots of reading,  Biology (animal studies), History (Helen Keller) and Geography, Geology, Spanish, P.E. and Technology.   I have been asking her lots of vocabulary words in the Grimm sisters books - some of them might be sticking.    That hits on all of our goals and yet being a full work week it could have been terribly stressful and it wasn't.    

I was telling her this week that second graders write a whole lot more than she had been doing - and we met our goal to do two writing activities and to also work on our writing in math (number names) more.  Considering expressive writing is her most challenging subject and she hates to spell - we are coming along much better there.  I've heard changes in her speech again this past month - she has made more ground there and has been picking up new words from her reading.

Our goals are still to do the following each week:

Reading,Writing and Math (some element of each of these every day) 
It is a goal to have Social Studies in some form twice a week..(Geography/History) 
Sciences (Biology and Geology) once each per week.
Spanish once a week
P.E, Art and Music as it comes

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