Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday week 3

8.30a    - writing

8.45a    - language worksheets
9a    - break

10a    - town
--They bought supplies for the 'skin layers' project for next week (marshmallows, graham crackers and cherry pie filling), and they also bought a good kite as she has been wanting to fly one again.
11a    - break

12p    - reading "Moving Heavy Things", w/ practical introduction
12.15p    - language and math worksheets
12.45p    - puppy wrangling outside
1.30    - PE, 5x 500ft laps

2p    - reading to puppies :Dinosaur Time
2.30    - posting pictures, editing and captioning
3p    - done

Notes:  We are going through the second grade writing prompts now, and will do several each week besides her language and reading comprehension workbooks.  I've ordered a physical copy of the PDF math book I've been supplementing with.  It is 'Progress in Mathematics, 2000 by Sadlier-Oxford grade 2'

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