Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday + free worksheet 2nd grade math Number Bonds and Bar Models

Another day list... maybe I'll do one a week.

7.45a    - G&T book; math - missing numbers in equations
              single digit addition drill,
              making tens worksheet from Math Spheres.
             making 2,3,4,5,6 (multiple ways)
-----somehow we turned into P.E. before I noticed, and then back to math, and then back to P.E.
             80 jumping jacks, 1:20 tripod headstand
             reading 50 states names happened several times in there, too.
8:45a     - break

9:00a     - dragon craft - construction paper and tube .. I should get a picture of it, it is cool.
9:30     - Spanish lesson Phrases Duolingo - She is now finished with Level 2
10:00     - reading: "Oranges", Zack Rogow
10:15     - break

1.30p    - reading: "Big Chickens" : Leslie Helakoski
1.45p    - reading: "Backyard Bestiary", several entries, it is a long book
2p    - reading: "The Cloud Spinner: : Michael Catchpool
2.15p    - review state names
2.30p    - walking outside
2.45p    - done

When I got home she was doing a program called Snail Bob which is a lot like the IQ ball game she used to play in Kindergarten.  It is problem solving and doing things in the right order to achieve a goal. She was on level 22 by the time it was getting where she had to think very hard to get it right.. and it was late.

I've planned a patriotic song for her Social Studies tomorrow and am about to go collect up a few more worksheets for her math.  The next steps are decomposition of numbers by groupings (making friendly numbers) and also by place value.  I'll focus on a bit more graphing exercises next week.

I'm not that much into their Common Core, but I can see some utility in this exercise and thinking about numbers in different ways.   I couldn't find a worksheet set I liked - so I made this one, and it's free for personal use (non-commercial)

This should print out on 8.5 by 11 inch paper.  The small set up top is to write your own example for the learner so they can see what is expected.  I did the bar models with + and = in them so they make sense.. and then on the next sheet I will remove the symbols.

Example : 2                 
                 \                  2    +   3
                  5            ----------------
                /                =      5
              3                0 tens      5 ones

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