Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Not Back to School

8.45a    - reading "Yoko Paper Cranes"
    - math worksheets, missing addends in addition equations
---Quote: Do I need to do the Critical Thinking part?  Do I need Critical Thinking? ///Yes, yes you do.
9.15a    - paper crane folding
9.30a    - reading "Crawdad Creek"
10a    - break

10.15    - G&T Math puzzles:  Rearrange digits for place value, numbered player puzzles  'who am I?'
10.45    - discussion of division and multiplication. with beans.
---Daddy said he showed the properties of division and multiplication, and had her multiply and divide groups, relating one operation to the other.

11a    - Science Kit: crystals
11.20    - reading Backyard Bestiary; Pigeons

--Racing pigeons are her favorite type of pigeon, she says.
11.30a    - break

12.15p    - minecraft: pigeon world
1p    - break

6.15p    - Documentary: "Deep Sea"
----What eats the Giant Pacific Octopus?  She was very impressed by the wolf eels (which she said looked like ghosts) eating sea urchins *crunch crunch* and the coral egg spawn.  She asked many good questions on the way through the docu...including if the shrimp had poison to fend off the octopus, and about the sea turtles being cleaned by the schools of fish (The turtle doesn't make the fish, does he? OH, ok.. I wondered what I was seeing there.)
7p    - done

Mom Notes for Social Studies :  I did a 'distilled' George Washington writeup for her to read with me later this week.  It is printed and ready to go.  I plan to make a few others to start with - Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson.  I also saw a 50 states set of worksheets where the states are all printed in the map except for a random 10..and the student has to name those from a list and put them in the right places.  Printing out some larger maps of the Northeastern seaboard and the District of Columbia I realize there are things I would not have known had I not looked them up just now... like the Pentagon is in Virginia, and the District of Columbia is between Maryland and Virginia (and just how that happened, although that is a bit advanced for Esme right now).  Her quote seeing me studying this is that D.C is a 'popular place for all America and has the White House.'  Well..ok...we're at least starting somewhere.

I need to do a writeup on mayor, governor, state legislature, congressman( Senator and Representative) and President for her as well.   I need to do some more of my own research before I can make sure I'm presenting that all correctly.

Other Notes:  Our hardcopy math book arrived today.  We have been using Khan, an online PDF, worksheets and the Gifted and Talented workbook to assess where she is at in math.  Now, we're getting ready to go forward.  Her hardest parts will be reading the directions and doing word problems, making graphs and charts etc.  She has a very good idea of the operations.

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