Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Today was full of things, antonyms, synonyms, reading work, fractions, a walk to the lake to look for life in the water, grass etc etc.., and P.E and weight lifting with Daddy.  It was just so nice the lake was beckoning.  We went in the water up to our knees, poked in the shallows, looked at flowers, bugs and grasses.  Then we needed a good bath to wash all the mud off!  We caught zero tadpoles, but we saw three fish.

Esme made her paper Tennessee flag as part of her Social Studies project, and Mark dug out our real Tennessee flag to let her hang them both up in the house.  She was very proud of her work :)  Our social studies unit today showed the differences between states, countries and continents - and introduced state capitals, flags, trees, flowers and birds.  She learned the state symbols for Tennessee and made this flag with glue and paper.  We also printed out the names of all 50 states and went through how to pronounce them.

 Cushaws grown from Grandma's garden cushaw seed

She said they looked like a little family.

Everybody had to pose with squash.
The one in the middle isn't a squash ;)

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