Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday week 3

We had an eventful weekend, lots of Minecraft and swimming.  The parents of us are a bit sore from the swimming.  Esme is a little less freaked out about the idea of swimming, but hasn't really swam yet, just jumped around, splashed and tried to float a little.  She was able to go under without swallowing water...she has the keep-water-out-of-your-nose thing going better than I ever did.

This is the castle I built in Minecraft.  She built a few other things and helped some with the castle.  We both built food carts in Bird City.  This castle is off to the side in a flat space in the mountains.

She read several books today - including Mouse Soup, and Wild About Books. I had her read a chapter of our book to herself when I got home and report to me what she read.  That is a skill she needs to develop to read books by herself.  Mark and her rode bikes outside.  They did some more of our workbooks for math, G&T English and Reading Comprehension.  When I was home we watched the Earth documentary Grandma had Netflix'ed and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Now she is playing with a little bit of the air dry clay I had planned a lesson for - but we haven't gotten to it yet. She has been begging for it and I gave her a little piece to try tonight.  I really have to dig all over and find our clay tools before we get further with it. I looked some tonight and did not find them yet.

I'm halfway through the second Sisters Grimm book, and several more of our books came in the mail that I had ordered - the sequel to my 'The Immigrants' and  the Stephen Hawking George and the Secret Key to the Universe which is a little bit old for Esme at the moment but maybe a bit later.

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