Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Infinity Wednesday

8:45a - writing numbers as words practice
--this is something that I want to make sure she can do from memory, and not needing to copy the words... so we will do it several times this week with the word list and next week she doesn't get a list of the words to look at.  At least, that is the goal.

9:15a - reading aloud: "Infinity and Me" library book (to puppies)
9:30a - discussion about Infinity
---She compared infinity to a tree, a fire that never stops burning, and a phoenix's life cycle of dying and being born again.  About the tree - she said she was the root, and the bark and wood were her parents, and the branches and leaves were her grandparents going back all through time to the tiniest little branches and leaves forever being 'infinity'.  Then she backed up and said she was the seed, just beginning to break, that the root would grow from..because she isn't grown up yet.
9:45a - break

10:00a - Codebreakers activity alphanumeric code translation
10:15a - Writing chicken report into book format
       - learning to use word processor
11a    - minecraft - Freeway world 'mouse village' survival mode
11.45a - break

12p    - puppy grooming
12.15p - ball track building
1p     - cutting and cooking pork loin
1.15p  - ball track
2p     - done

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