Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Dragon Day

8.30a    - writing numbers as words
9.15a    - writing prompt - If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
----"I would live in Japan.  I like the soup.  I like the way the roofs are shaped on the houses."

9.30    - online game: School of Dragons
----She made a lot of ground after begging me to allow her to play this.  I previewed it last night and it looked involved and complicated enough to count as some school time. She read instructions, followed quests, and learned new controls and interfaces.  This is an important part of our goals for 'engineering primary school', that she discover new things, really get into the workings of them and make and achieve her own goals.  Of course, the game or interface has to have things that really teach, too- not a pony dress-up game, but something with strategy, quests and lessons.

12p    - reading aloud: "Crawdad Creek" by Scott Russell Sanders
12.15p    - half mile walk
12.30p    - done

Tomorrow is a library day, and my day off- so we can get some more done.  This has been my 'six days on, one day off (Sunday) and four more on' week and it can be tough even without incorporating school goals into it.  I am very proud of the amount of writing she has done this week.  'Writing and writing to the end of time etc..' as she said it was this morning as she despaired over the two worksheets on her desk.  She has really shown she has the ability - we just have to get in the practice.

I am hoping to cover another section in our Social Studies book 'People Together' tomorrow morning before we leave for the library.  She has things to show me in the dragon game that she is proud of - she begged tonight to spend some time tomorrow showing me the new things she has discovered and what her dragon has accomplished 'in only one day - I was so amazed' in her words.

+20 pages in Grimm Sisters before bed

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