Monday, August 10, 2015

Theatre scenes

Painting theatre scenes for her play 'Tiger and Pig Go to Space'.


Look, I have a brush!

Painting waves

Why do you need to keep taking pictures? 
To show what it looks like now you're done.

So we started on our play for the stick puppets today, after doing some initial reading and math work.  We wrote a script, her dictating and me showing how it should be laid out and making comments.  Then,  we had made 8.5x11" plans for the scenes drawn  out with crayon.  We painted two of the scenes on the big box I brought home from work.

We also played Minecraft and built 'bird city', a place with birds nests, shops and a birdbath. I added a purple martin house, and we looked up info about flamingoes, moas and dodos as well as toucans.

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