Friday, August 14, 2015

Dinosaurs Got Fashion Friday

The dinosaurs had a fashion show, today - Esme made the purple vest and I made the fancy dress.

We also did an hour of math, with the tens worksheets and the number bonds.  She did the worksheets well, but her comment was that they were making simple math very complicated with all of this breaking down the numbers...  I introduced 'America the Beautiful', she read the words and then listened, although she really didn't want to.   She did some drawing, read the rest of her library books (which I had gotten all new ones on Tuesday!) and played more Snail Bob.  Daddy and her went grocery shopping and took care of puppies, then came and picked me up from work.  We made more for the dinosaurs and she is now planning a wedding for them.  The boy is 'Drago', and the girl is 'Celia'.

We are hoping to have a fun weekend.  I have the days off from work and if the weather is nice we will go to the park and maybe play at the lake.  We will refresh our library books tomorrow when we take Grandma to town.

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