Tuesday, August 18, 2015


We had made some items out of clay the night before, but they weren't ready to paint yet.  We'll check them again tomorrow.  She really wants to do a swimming lesson again, but without swimming, just splashing. *sigh*

Math :  3 sheets each of fractions and also subtraction.  It was a lot of math for her..she wasn't very happy about it. But, with coaxing, she did do it.

Reading:  Her reading aloud: "Unloveable" D. Yaccarino  I read 20 pages of the first Sisters Grimm book to her before bed.

Science   - Creation of the Moon questions/videos, reading aloud Backyard Beastiary: snails, hamsters, video Hidden Kingdoms: Secret Forests

We played in Minecraft in an ice world seed and she made a hamster burrow with multiple rooms and food storage after she read the article about them.

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