Saturday, August 01, 2015

Fish Uncertainty and more Ecosystem

Esme had really wanted to go fishing yesterday, but it was just too hot.
So, we had an early morning fishing trip to the lake - and one small mouthed bass. 
It was pretty torn up by the hook, so I had her walk it up to the house for pictures.
As you can see, she was kind of uncertain about the whole thing!
We threw it to the chickens, but hours later Mark said they were still hiding in the corner of the pen and pointing at it like a threat to their well-being, so he tossed it behind the garden.

 More play and additions to the 'Ecosystem' project.

She had made a log to dig earthworms and termites out from underneath, but then she decided to add a squirrel, and a new tree for the squirrel, and (not shown) there is a little pocket in the tree for the squirrel to hide nuts inside.  She took the story book we wrote last night to bed with her again and tucked it behind her pillow.

Note: Also, she had gotten stung by a wasp on her foot (she told Daddy it was a horsefly bite) - watching it closely... she told me her sock felt a bit tight and she hadn't really realized it was anything different.  But, it is puffy.  Should go down tonight or by tomorrow morning... we'll see.  My family has a reputation for being very allergic to such things so for her I would call it a reaction, but not a serious one.

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