Sunday, August 09, 2015

Math games and getting ready for week two

Mark said I should post about these math lessons we've been working on.
We reviewed rounding last week, to tens and hundreds.
I took pieces of paper and marked them randomly 0 through 1000 - about 20 pieces of paper.
I put a 'timeline' like long header of paper and marked it 100,200,300 through 1000.  Then I had her sort which ones, rounded up or down by the rule, would go where.  She did this once as a short exercise with me, and again for review (with more papers).  We will do rounding to decimals in a bit.. she was already doing that in the store, and I will maybe wait for our 'store' project to have a session on it.

The Pirate measuring thing was I had her make a 'treasure chest' of a known number of inches wide and tall.  She had to use her ruler for it -which she wasn't entirely happy about.  Then, she had to guess/figure how big a pirate ship hold would be to contain three layers of chests, four chests wide (12).  She had to measure a piece of paper this big, cut it out, and compare the chest to the space.  Then we cut a 'boat' for the hold to go in, a 'mast' a certain # of inches tall, a triangular sail a certain number of inches wide and tall, and a man who was not too tall to fit within the ship hold.  She got better and better at tracing straight lines and measuring height or width as asked...although it started out very hard.

Ordinal numbers - we have cut out squares with racehorses printed on them, and put two or three digit numbers on them. She has to sort them greatest to least by their value.  We will talk about greater and less than again, like we did last year.

Relative weights of real things and comparison - I found the relative weight of about twelve things, the heaviest being a truck and the lightest an apple.  She will compare which is lighter or heavier, how many of the light things would make up the heavy item, which items would add together to be a little less than or more than another etc. This is leading into my working with her with simple symbolic equations, multiplication and division after we review all of this and adequately borrow and carry again (she has become rusty).

There are 'geometry house', 'make your own store', and 'advertising' lessons I printed out to adapt for her, too.

Also - I scored another big cardboard box, which we will use to make our next cardboard theatre for puppet shows.  We will work on that and 'writing a play' this week.

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