Saturday, August 08, 2015


When the taps are on......  Esme has been philosophizing and asking lots of her signature type of questions.  Some of these came up in the car while driving, others while she was washing her hair in the bathtub (which I sit in the side room with a book in case she needs help sometimes).

Esme: I think my eyes are attached to the brain with cords ... and I pull the cords and my eyes open and closed but that's not quite it because I don't feel the cords. // explained optic nerve sends info from our eyes to our brain but said we'd get into more later about how the eyes open and close with eyelids

Why does hot make our skin have water? (Why do we sweat?) // discussion ensued about sweating and temperature regulation, said we would find a video about this.

Discussion about skin layers, blood, sealing of wounds with the parts that are in blood // She sprung this one on me while I was driving and I got some of it explained to her..told her we would do more when we did our biology this year.

I wonder how I started and why I am here and not some other place.  How did _I_ get here? // deep waters, discussed a little about how she was born to us and made a new person that was unlike any other person ever before, but before she could really speculate what that meant she was she was off to something else quickly

Like when I choose a game, and I can't go back in time and choose another game and play it instead because I already chose one.  Why can't we go back in time and try the other thing? // Discussed making good choices along the way because no one gets to 'play the game twice'.

There's something very special about me but I'm not sure I know what it is yet - it's like a superpower, or like a video that plays in front of my special kind of eyes of my memories when I think about things.  I'm still trying to figure out what it is.

Speculations on the core of the Earth and if it is a ball or just lava or a ball with lava around it.  If it is a ball what is it made of and why doesn't it burn.  How do we know about the center of the Earth.  Why did people think the Earth used to have another world in it?  How did we find out that wasn't true?  Discussed what 'gravitational pull' meant to people who are on all parts of the surface of the earth but wanted to know where the magnet was in the center of the Earth and if it did the pull.  Wanted to know what the pull had to do with her weight and how high she jumps from the surface of the Earth // we really need to go into this - she saw and discussed a bit a year or more ago and she needs more info

How was the Earth formed?  How did the Universe get here?  The whole thing?  How did the people and animals get here after the Earth got here? //discussed both Big Bang and religious ideas...told her we would find a video about this.

I like science, it made everything happen and that is how we know things. // No, Science is a way of us trying to  figure out what could have happened and why, we guess and then we try to find out why the guesses are correct or wrong. 

Asked to find out more about the Ice Age and how that happened.

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