Monday, August 03, 2015

First day of second grade Mixie Engineering Primary School

Geology rock kit (Smithsonian)

"It was a bit of work, but then I finally got a prize.  It's like trying to win a contest, but you finally get a prize for your work.  You do hard work at your job and get money for the house -and I got these gems."  She found three of the eleven gems, identified them on the map and wrote a report with me (she said the words and I typed).
We did a lot of other things, too -- math, reading, art and writing in her reading comprehension workbook.  She helped Daddy assemble and mail the bills.  She spent an hour on a 'RV hovercraft ice cream truck' with doors, windows, roof and ice cream symbols inside it for the 'workers counter'. 

She has a great idea for tomorrow - looking up info about cave drawings.

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