Thursday, August 06, 2015

Thursday scuttle

I said I wouldn't post time lists as much this year, but today is one to record. I had this feeling through the day 'will we ever get it all done', and even after we felt like the day was a bit hodpodge and incomplete.  It was rainy though, and I think the weather was affecting me.  Esme said she learned a lot and retained quite a bit when I asked her questions later.

She woke up super early, found a worksheet I had printed out -and was off and roaring.  I was scrambling to find other things for her to do to continue the math streak.  The pirate ship measuring task was trying...but she did persevere and came out with a good project.  We'll come back to a task like that in another week or so and see how much she has absorbed.

7:20 am - Math worksheets, mental math and calculator
7:40 am - break
8 am -  measuring and cutting pirate ship shapes
8:30am - Pet City
9am - reading: Silver Rain Brown by M.C.Helldorfer
9:15am - break
9:45am - 'People Together' family tree unit
10:15am - break for town
12:00 - Sci video: The Day the Mesozoic died
-----Excellent video!
12:30 - reaading: The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli
12:45 - duolingo Spanish BASICS 3 sections+practice (She did a few typing parts but mostly she listened and answered...she paid attention to the accents better than I did when she did spell)
1:30 - Minecraft
2:30 - dinosaur 'dig' and paste-up skeleton
------I printed and de-articulated a paper skeleton, placed it on her wooden tray and covered it in beans.  She used a paintbrush to find the pieces, then reassembled them by gluing them onto a sheet of paper.
3:00 - done

We did some P.E. as Frisbee and she helped me cook grilled cheese sandwiches.  We watched the movie Space Camp, and she paid closer attention than she does to many movies.

Mark wanted to take pictures of Minerva's litter of Catahoula puppies.  There are nine, but apparently two of them look so close to each other we weren't sure which was missed!

Columbus and Esme looking over the entire litter.

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