Friday, August 07, 2015

First week of homeschool done

Esme read several books to the puppies for her reading today - I've had a discussion with her on getting the ems and uhs out of her reading...she reads very well but she puts a lot of these in to the sentences as I can see her eyes darting ahead to read the entire sentence before she says it.  She hates that I mentioned it - but maybe we can help her break the habit this year as I know it will bring her down in any tests they will want to give her next year.  Speed-reading tests was one of the most anxiety-causing things for her when she was in public school.

She did P.E with Daddy (including weight lifting) and reviewed her math and vocabulary concepts from the week.  She then finished her rock kit from the first day of school.  After I got home from work today we did a few lessons online in Spanish.

Now she is playing in her room with the radio on.  She gets the weekend off while Mama has to work early each day. 

Late breaking news:  We made these puppets for next week.  We are going to make a puppet theatre box (she likes those a lot) and put on a play to be recorded on the tablet.

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