Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday bits

I have to go to work today, and it this week is dragging a bit because the next day off is Tuesday. We watched 'Despicable Me' last night and it was very very good. I had to thank Daddy for getting it. It wasn't at all like what I thought it was. Esme really liked it too, sitting there entranced for most of it at the end of our bed.

I should finish Esme's other blue dress that is just needing a hem, a pocket and a zipper. It got put up at midnight one night and I haven't touched it since because I keep forgetting it is there. Her last blue dress with the navy skirt is working out so nicely compared to the set just before it - hardly any arm problems and it looks and moves so nicely with her. The jacket pattern still has not come in the mail. I guess it might come Monday. I've got in mind a pink bitty floral pattern for a spring/summer type jacket for Esme. I haven't seen the fabric in real life yet - it is just there in my head, so once I get the pattern and see how much fabric I'll know what to look for. I've got my eye on the pattern below, as well... but am waiting to see if this one that is coming is in good enough shape to use. I have another sewing student meetup on Wednesday in Paris, which is nice - and during lunch hour at work I am hand-sewing the baby kangaroos for a set to put in the shop.

McCalls 6554

Otherwise this morning I am wandering around in the kitchen in my homemade pajamas and slipper socks, drinking coffee - wishing I didn't have to leave the house today as it is thundering outside and everyone else is still asleep etc etc.... listening to Nova dog grumble and whine because she got wet out there and Pogo cat tried to rub on her. Tansy dog is sniffing around where she hears kittens under the couch. Mitzi mama cat is sitting in front of the couch looking proud and telling Tansy 'so there' about hiding her kittens too far under there for Tansy to get a good look.

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