Thursday, February 17, 2011

working along

It's Friday, and I have the day off. I am hoping to get Lizzie's dress finished and start another pair of pants for her and/or Esme. I also have Esme's other dark blue dress to work on - but not sure if I'll get to that one until next week.

Esme has been running Daddy around quite a bit the last few days. She was asleep last night again when I came home and then demanded an hour-long bath. I knitted on my sock while she was in there and she splashed me and the cat! Nana called from Minnesota and talked to us for a little while before bed.

ordered this last night size 4 coat and dress pattern.
I hope the coat is complete in the pieces.

Also coming in the mail (bought it last week) is this in a size 5. This is the pattern (in size 2) I had altered my raglan sleeve dresses from - of which Esme wore so many the past year and a half and several went out in the mail to other little girls. I saw it at a good steal and put a bid on it - and will be happy to see it arrive.

Simplicity 7197 toddler pattern 1975, pinafore, dress and pants

LATER: I've finished Lizzie's dress, but will need to photograph it in the morning light. Esme had a nice visit with her grandparents and Daddy came to get us when it rained. She asked me to play blocks and give her 'whee' and everything else all around the room. She had a busy morning and afternoon - by four o'clock she really wanted a bath! I told her not now, later (as I was sewing a dress tie on at the time) and she went and got in trouble on the other side of the room. Then - after Daddy had swatted her away from the kittens for the second time - she fell asleep and is still napping at six.

I think I'll go grab the sock I was knitting and sit beside her while she naps for a bit. Daddy bought 'Top Gear' highlights this morning on DVD and it is QUITE funny. It is like Monty Python meets Car Talk.

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