Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kangaroos and other things

Bunny, our 'AmStaff' American Staffordshire pit bull, being mugged by our cat Pogo. She will sit there and rub against Bunny's side over and over until Bunny cleans her ears. Finally, Bun dog obliges.

The grooming begins, until one feels too undignified to continue.

Esme deciding between an apple and a lollipop.

The apple won, and was chewed nearly to the core.
The new kangaroo and baby joey pattern, made and tested.
The sewing pattern for this kangaroo toy is now available at my shop

Esme really likes them - they go hop. When I was making the baby she came over and saw the pieces and said 'What happened? Where the baby? What have you done?' And the kangaroo mama cried and hopped all over the desk and fell down.

We are trying more PT today. It is not too successful, and I doubt it will get 'easier' as she gets older. She tells me to be quiet and shut up when she doesn't want to hear 'do you need to go pee?' again and again. LATER She went two hours with just one accident. I moved the trainer upstairs so she didn't have going downstairs to complain about. She used it several times and emptied it outside. I put a diaper on her before she napped, had dinner and went to see Grandma and Grandpa. She used the big potty again - which she is not completely petrified of anymore but still not happy about. Then after her bath (major meltdown at the end of it followed immediately by 'who, me? I wasn't crying at all' behavior) she used it one more time before getting ready for bed. We are making a little bit of progress.

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