Tuesday, February 01, 2011

crafty bits without pictures

We went into town this morning and I found some fantastic fabric with sailing mathematical measurements on it. It is reserved for something for me. My sister-in-law came through with measurements on Lizzie, and they match a size 5 vintage (even though she is younger than Esme by several months, who wears a size 3 or 4 vintage with longer arms and legs). She had outgrown the 'frog' set I had sent to her (and a matching one to Emily) and was very upset this morning when her mama put it away and said it was too small. I have nearly finished a dress for her tonight and will do a try-on for Esme after the zipper is sewn in, and pictures tomorrow.

McCalls 8715
year was 1967
made the top view in size 5 for Lizzie

She gave me the four main measurements I needed to make a set of clothes that fit.
1.) Snug (but not tight) length around the natural waist (without bulky pants over it)
2.) Snug (but not tight) length around the hips at the widest part
3.) Snug (but not tight) length around the chest under the arms at the widest part.
4.) Length from hip bone to ankle bone along the side of the leg.

With anything long-sleeved that is meant to fit well - a fifth measurement from the top of the shoulder to the wrist bone would be included as well. I'm making her a dress that does not have to go all the way down to the wrist - so I didn't get that measurement. Men's shirts would also need a good neck measurement.

Esme has been FAIRLY good about letting me sew for the past three hours. But, she is getting antsy now that I'm off the machine and asking for 'Can I have a whee please?' (swing her around in a big bucket). Earlier today we went to the library and got a chicken leg and she was saying 'oh boy goody goody goody!' about both of those. It was VERY cute.

LATER: I made Esme her food and she sat down to eat and I sat down to sew in the zipper. Halfway through her plate she asked to go to bed - for ALL of us to go to bed, and got her blanket and her pillow and her frog all ready. BUT - that is really weird for her! She has all my mommy beacons saying 'is she sick?' but her temperature is normal. I put her remainder of her food in the fridge and put her to bed and she is fast asleep. I am caught between do I work on my knitting or start another dress for her that she can keep? Or - the pants? I promised Lizzie a pair of pants to go with the dress.

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ElizabethEK said...

Emily must be closer in size to Esme. Emily's frog set still fits!!