Monday, February 28, 2011

Good the bad and the ugly

Customers today at work made it ugly - expecting Jetsons-like materialization of things from different places all around the state so they could have not two but THREE matching sets of something huge that no store had three matching sets of. I doubt they could find a furniture store that had three matching sets of any whole room set they were looking for and have it all delivered within a week, much less bathtubs. And they couldn't understand why you cannot pay for it at one store in one state and just have it 'magically' arrange itself from all of the other stores and arrive at their doorstep this Friday. And some of the things were closeouts. And some were available at larger stores but not at OUR smaller store. So I had to explain not all stores of the same name carry the exact same merchandise, it depends on the size of the town etc.. This was not something they knew about, and it was confusing. They still wanted the other things that I couldn't get. Finally I told them I work at THIS store, and I would get a manager to try to work it out... and they did, with things we did carry. They're happy, sort of. It was just very frustrating for everyone involved. Maybe the Jetsons technology will come to our industry some day - but I guess for now we'll all have to work with what we have.

And yes, that was the ugly. The bad was the rain this morning and the generally bad mood of most people involved with retail today. I had lots of squeakiness and 'but I can't tell you what brand it is, no I didn't bring any part of it with me, but it isn't working so fix it' and 'can you believe they only have one of these when I want two' attitudes today.

The good? I came home, and hugged a little girl, and gave her a bath, and while she was taking her extra long bath with a 'beautiful' purple nail brush talking to toy pigs and dogs and kitties and other things - I made an open-faced pastrami sandwich, drank some coffee and watched her swim around. We are about to watch Cinderella and go to bed. I have two days off now (one with a sewing lesson) and hope to do something fun with her tomorrow, maybe library, maybe Grandma's house... we'll see.

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