Wednesday, February 02, 2011

sewing geek blurb

Looking through my patterns trying to find something for Lizzie's pants I realize - there is a HUGE difference in the styles the vintage patterns had for 2-4 and 5-7. And her measurements put her solidly between a 4 and a 5 with chest/hips, and the waist of a 5-6, so I would have to be careful about the styles that I make.

The 5's I have, with the exception of one - are mostly A-line jumpers or tunics and pants. There is only one real 'dress' in the mix - the one I made Esme's dark green one from that is still waiting for her to grow into it.

Then the patterns jump up to the size 6 - which has quite a few nice dress styles that just couldn't be found in the 4 and under sizes. Then at size 7 they start looking like 'grown up' dresses and pants sized down, with a few 'awkward' patterns for dealing with the very skinny long middle problem. I've tried to keep away from buying too many 7s until I know Esme is still going to let me sew for her at that age!

All of that means nothing to anyone not faced with a stack of vintage children's patterns. ha. But anyway, Esme is going to get to that size in another 6 months to a year - so I need to think about it!

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