Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plans for more alterations to Lizzie's dress

I brought nothing else to work today to take up the leftover lunch hour - so instead I drew out plans for how to alter Lizzie's dress. I had worked them out in my mind using her picture, so I'll see how it comes together with the actual pattern tonight. Altering Esme's dress using the photograph and a mathematical plan worked really well.

Process of this dress:
Step 1: Make a plan based on measurements and/or picture of previous work (check)
Step 2: Make drawing paper copies of the original pattern (check)
Step 3: Make alterations to the paper copies (check)
Step 4: Choose fabric (check! wow it was easy)
Step 5: Prepare fabric (working on that right now)
Step 6: Trace and cut all pieces of pattern (also in progress)
Step 7: Begin to sew pieces together and finish inside seams
Step 8: Do all facings and hems.
Step 9: Pin and sew in the zipper by hand.
Step 10: Take pictures!
Step 11: Send it out in the mail to her and have her try it on. *oh boy*
Step 12: Get pictures and see if did a good job!

I've also signed up to a new service on skillpages. I'll see if I get anyone else who would like me to try altering or making clothes for their little ones near here. I know people are always looking for someone to take up curtains by 6 inches or split a panel of curtains or etc... so I would be willing to do something small like that as well.

Sewing and Dressmaking near Paris, TN : Marie Lamb

I have finished Esme's short-sleeved blue dress and the other one is cut out and waiting to be made up. It was a beautiful day out - and Esme and Daddy went walking and visited Grandma and Grandpa. I got to see a gorgeous sunset just as I came home. Esme is napping now, so I'll go to the machine and see what I can do.

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