Saturday, February 12, 2011

bits and furballs

We have four extra fuzzy furballs in the house tonight, thanks to a yellow cat. I finished Esme's knit socks but she does not like them. She took them off, put them on our bed and said 'do not want'. She liked the yarn, but doesn't like the finished product because they don't go up to her knees. That made me sad - but oh well :( I'm not sure if I want to try to knit her knee-highs or not... will have to think on it.

I have tomorrow off, and I have some new fabric for making Esme another new dress. She said she did not like the plain navy fabric that was to mix with something I have at home but then I chose another print that she did like - so I hope she will accept that. Now that she has gotten some bit older she is starting to tell me exactly what she DOES NOT like, and be firm about it - like the socks. *sigh*

Finished Object Round Up: I haven't taken pictures of everything that has been finished lately - but there have been quite a few things. Add that to what I've made in the past year or so and a lot of it is in use. So here is a round-up of the handmade items in use in our house:

Esme's knit scarf (with her name crocheted on it).
Her knitted sweater.
My knitted hat, scarf and gloves.
My slipper socks.
House jackets and drawstring pants made for myself.
Green dress and sleeveless shirt made for myself.
Extra pillows for the beds, two regular, one patchwork, two dragons ;)
Esme's alphabet quilt.
Dishcloths galore in the kitchen.
Lots of handmade toys including Clarence the dragon and the snake.
Lots of handmade dresses and pants for Esme constantly replaced as she grows.

The green dress doesn't fit me as tightly as it did when I made it. That is a good thing, I guess - because I've lost a little weight. But.. *growl*.. maybe I can put a pair of ties on it. I still need to take the sleeves out of it and replace them with something better and more 'smooth.' The sleeveless shirt is okay to wear for bed but the elastic band across the back pulls it up too much. Both of those are examples of 'wearable' but not well done.

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