Sunday, February 13, 2011

furballs revealed

Mitzi graced us with these little furballs yesterday when I was at work.
There are four.

She is proud.

These are the socks I made which Esme does not like.
They are just like the ones I made for myself.
I've been wearing mine, so they are much less photogenic.
These do fit her, but do not go up to the knee, which is her complaint.

These toddler socks were made with Red Heart yarn on size 3 double pointed needles. They started with a cast on of 39 stitches 1x1 rib with a 17 stitch heel.
She wants knee-highs but I am not sure what number to start at or how to decrease for those.. so it may be a while before I try again for her. I'm trying to make a pair of knee-highs for myself first (because if I succeed I WILL wear them) so I can see what the proportions are of the decreases.

This is the blue fabric I have that is to make two more dresses. I already had the one at the top, and bought enough of the middle to work with both of them. Esme picked out the one on the bottom as pretty.

I did a lot of cleaning this morning, laundry and sorting out of things. There were some things in our dresser that were from when Esme was less than a year old, stray socks and bibs and summer things that will not fit this year around. Then we went to town for a little bit. I am hoping to sit down at the sewing machine in a bit and make up one more of each of the dresses I made last week, one of the 'remake' and one of the 'blue day dress' ones as well. Even though I felt the latter was a bit ill-fitting my opinion of it has improved the more she wears it.

It's turning out to be a productive Sunday.

LATER: I am working on the dresses for Esme, have one half done.

SIL sent me this picture of Lizzie in the dress I made for her. I can see where it needs altering to fit her better in the shoulders and where to put the waistline for a bigger skirt.

Lizzie in the 'A-line' dress

same dress on the hanger

McCalls 8715
year was 1967
made the top view in size 5 for Lizzie

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