Wednesday, February 02, 2011

new dress for Lizzie

Lizzie's measurements showed she was a size 5 with a larger waist proportion than Esme - so I needed a pattern that was more 'straight' instead of hourglass - for safety, because she is 1800 miles away from me and I can't try it on her or even hold it up to her! This pattern has a lot of free swing in the middle and the skirt can be shortened to make more of a 'shirt' on the second pass if it constricts her legs too much. She is also a few inches taller than Esme - an inch taller in the legs. She must get that from my lumberjack of a brother (6'3"!) And her mom is taller, too. So - here we go. A size 5 vintage dress for my niece Elizabeth.

I used remnants (washed but not pressed) I had lying around the shop - because I'm not sure it will fit. It took three hours from the time her mom gave me the measurements until I was ready to put the zipper in. Of course - that counts getting Esme and I drinks and playing with random toys here and there and quite a bit of discussion about being careful with my pin cushion she had every single pin out of and was counting them and handing me some one by one while I put in the sleeves. I'm pretty proud of the way the front turned out - because once I got to cutting that piece out I didn't have enough room anywhere for the whole thing - or enough of the print to get the entire top of the bodice out of it either... so I compromised and put a stripe across the front. It looks like it was meant to be that way ;)

This is the pattern I used - something I had saved for Esme but she hasn't caught up to yet. I just LOVE the illustrations on this pattern envelope - and the dress itself is very 'plain and simple' - easy to alter into anything needed.

McCalls 8715
year was 1967
made the top view in size 5 for Lizzie

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ElizabethEK said...

Super nice! I bet she is going to love it.