Monday, February 21, 2011

tiny bit

I closed the truck door on my hand yesterday on the way to work and Esme is VERY interested in how the truck 'bit' me and is roleplaying her mumum dollhouse doll saying she has an 'ow' on her hand and it happened at the truck. I feel VERY dumb having done it - as I was trying to get the seatbelt out of the door with one hand and balancing myself with the other on the doorframe... and when the seatbelt came loose the door closed .. on my hand, just hard enough to make me really wish I had been smarter!

Esme's imagination is in full gear this morning. She has given her baby mouse 'ride the turtles' on both the mumum and daddy dolls and is fighting a dragon with her playdough knife. A few moments ago I stuck a velcro-sided lemon in his mouth and he is crying because it is stuck.

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ElizabethEK said...

Ugh! Sorry about your hand! Hope it feels better soon.

We were playing with dinosaurs the other day, and a velcro banana piece got stuck in its mouth! So, very similar. We had fun with that one.