Saturday, February 26, 2011

PT update

Esme has really been taking this at her own pace - and I decided to try to move things along a little faster by taking the obstacle of the stairs away. I should have done it a long time ago. Now the trainer is upstairs right next to her changing table - and she has been using it. Several days in a row I've had her without diapers but never for more than a few hours at a time - something else comes up like she falls asleep, or wants a bath, or we go to town etc. But - last time I tried this she would pee on the floor every five minutes.. and now she can hold it most of the time and the only accident we had the other day was when I knew it was time for her to go but she did not want to agree and I didn't push it as hard as usual. And then she came to me asking for new pants and was very sad about not having anything to put in the potty. She has also been using the 'big potty' a few times now with mama holding her because the trainer is upstairs.

And - a larger leap this morning! I've been asking her every morning before I change her diaper and at night before she gets the last one to use the potty before the diaper. And this morning I came up from making my coffee and found her sitting pants-down with her diaper on trying to use the potty and had made a grand effort at getting the diaper off but with no luck. Big progress!

She also likes peanut-butter M&M's ;)

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