Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lizzie's remade pattern

This is the dress from the remade pattern for Lizzie. The morning light isn't being too kind this early, but I have to go to work - so here we are. It is shortened to wear over pants.

I finished one 'knee-high' sock for myself down to turning and then regathering the heel. Then we all went to bed after that.

BIT:: I tried Lizzie's dress on Esme just to see if the sleeves would work (I had trouble hemming them up) and they do - plus the shoulders are VERY wide for Esme - it nearly falls off of her. And yet, they are the same as the last one I made for Lizzie with just a little extra neckline cut out in the middle. Lizzie is MUCH larger than Esme! I bet if we stood them side by side it would look like Esme was the younger one, when in fact Lizzie is a month younger by date and was supposed to be born three months later than Esme!

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