Thursday, February 03, 2011

Catch a magnetic fish

Last night when I was sewing Esme was playing her usual 'pretend' catch fish with a piece of ribbon, but the cat took off with the ribbon. She found this necklace chain in one of my containers on the worktable and started using it - without me really paying attention. Then she actually CAUGHT a 'fish', one of the magnetic letters in the box. She is still playing it this morning. She really needs supervision though - because she already fell off the table once doing it - and I caught her in midair because I was sitting at the sewing machine. *sigh* - But she falls off chairs and our bed or her own bed with and without trying all day long *ha*... and at least now she is holding on to the edge of the table and gripping with her feet when she does it.

I finished a pair of pants for Lizzie - also out of a remnant I had. I put a wide hem on the bottom and made the elastic the waist size her hip measurement matched.... since it is elastic it should adjust okay. I'm bringing an older pair of Esme's pants (the red doggie ones) to work for a younger girl (Gwinifer) to try - if they fit her okay I'll use the old pattern to make hers, if they are too short on her then I'll make Esme's new pattern for her pants. I already know she fits the raglan shirt pattern really well and have a yard and a half set aside especially for her.

Little bits: This morning Esme said 'Esme red girl, Mumum grey girl, Daddy grey ... Daddy!' I pointed out that Daddy's shirt was actually green. Then she got this look and said 'Oh let's see - let's see the green' and went over to him at his desk and inspected his shirt. 'Oh, that's the green, ok nice.' His undershirt is grey, though... so she was partially right ;) She has been making a few good observations the past few days I can't remember all of them right now.

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